Multi-media: April Burns can help reach your customers with the following multimedia efforts. Which include blogging, if you're looking to reach your customer through your online presence! April Burns is available to produce educational and editorial-driven online content for your blog or website that carries your product with her established celebrity style and designer advice. For more information about how April Burns can help your client/or brand and company through these services, fill out the contact form below.

Style, Imaging, Consult: Whether it's creating the perfect image for Hollywood or solidifying a reputable fashion icon status, understanding the multi-levels of marketing is important. April is able to do market research on the latest trends, Demographic, market location, (Film, music, weddings, TV Personality etc.) to create the perfect image for you or your clients.

Closet cleanout: out with the old and in with the new. You can't make room for your new pieces, until with you are able to part ways from the old ones. It's really important when creating your new image that we see where you are right now. April believes that the past is a direct reflection of how promising your future can be.  April will go through your current wardrobe and makeup. She will assess your makeup and wardrobe needs. She'll show you what makeup  and wardrobe pieces you can incorporate into your new image, what pieces you should donate, and what pieces you should toss.  Out with the old and in with the new. Depending on size of closet, can last between 4-8 hrs. $125/hr. min. 4 HR plus consultation. You also pay via Paypal using email : You may also browse April's Designer exclusive pieces at

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Celebrity  expert April Burns is one of the entertainments most sought after fashion, and style experts worldwide to have several years of experience in both fashion design/ style & bridal expert and product development and the consumer side of the industry. She offers presentation and consultancy services to fellow-designers, stylists, corporations, and brands to ensure they are delivering the best, most dynamic and wearable products to their targeted clients/customers while matching their mission & vision at the same time.

From Poverty and sexual abuse, April has also had to battle the loss and murder of her two year old toddler daughter now she's gone on to build a successful business. From Tragedy to success April has experienced it all. Now a style and bridal expert, Fashion Designer, wedding coach, makeup artist, SAG/AFTRA Actress, TV Host, best selling Author, CEO, Speaker, She's appears regularly on America's premier  experts TV Show, The Show Airs on: NBC,FOX,CBS, ABC Affiliates across the country. She's also appeared on the celebrity Jeffrey Henderson TV Show, the Brian Tracy TV Show, She's been featured in national and local Magazines, From Ice Cream Magazine, Today & Tonight Magazine, Banana Fusion Magazine, us weekly, Huffington post, Washington post, Orlando Herald, national and syndicated radio interviews, just to name a few. To learn more about April burns or to Book her for style sessions, appearances, interviews, contact at  or Josh at or to keep up with April's latest Style Tips/Trends Please visit

Stylist & product consultancy services include: Trend for-casting, product and fit development and 14 day free style trial. In addition to brand, style & product consultancy, April Burns can further help your brand, clients, or company by partnering her expertise as an established celebrity style & bridal expert and brand strategist. These services Include: Spokesperson Role if needed, April Burns can represent your brand as a company or product spokesperson and/or brand ambassador for your brand or product, being available for any and all media appearances, speaking events, trunk shows, press pieces, and any other opportunities where representation for your company is requested. April Burns can offer your company her established celebrity leverage and reputation, trust, expertise, loyalty and authority with your customers.

Designer and stylist collaboration: Includes April's exclusive one of a kind designer pieces. Loaned to you the stylist, for your A-List or business clients, to wear. To that party or movie PREMIER!!

 Services For Brands, stylists, and Companies:

Call us For custom designs or style consult! Styling Specializing in: Fashion Editorial, bridal editorial, celebrity editorial, Bridal & Fashion Styling, media appearance, personal shopping, life style, red carpet dressing.  Includes : Head to toe dressing, multiple options, preview/fitting, also as a Bridal & Style Expert, on-Air host April offers services in Brand Ambassador, product review, Giveaways, Event coverage, Image consulting.

April's has worked closely with cosmetic companies such as Mary Kay cosmetics, as a Global Makeup Artist consultant, celebrity PR Firms, major TV networks, modeling agencies, Top Hollywood photographers, and studios to brand their clients in the way to impact the industry with the correct image that defines who they  are. April is known for lending her invaluable style advice to various television, print, radio, and digital platforms, as well as some of Hollywood's most recognizable names. She contributes and shares style and bridal tips regularly to Ice cream Magazine as well as Monthly to Tampa bay weekly Magazine,'' and QC Style Academy style Blog Columns. April has been a style and bridal expert for various segments on Television and on the web such as WB News, The celebrity Jeffrey Henderson Show, Fox, CNN, America's premier experts TV Show, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC,'' The Brian Tracy TV Show, as well she's a brand Ambassador, and on-camera host, for various National promotions and Campaigns. She's also contributed her expertise to The Washington post, Banana Fusion Magazine, Lakeland entertainment style weekly Magazine, Today & Tonight Magazine, St. Pete Times. And the list GOES ON! Also known as America's Most Sought after rising Style & Bridal experts,'' April has been making her mark in the bridal & style World! with her southern charm and an eye for all things personal style, bridal and fashion, and beauty. Her mission is to help women find and uncover their own personal style, she promotes this message in her weekly videos she posts on her Vimeo and You Tube Channels,'' April's Fav's which has grown tremendously over time. April will take you from ''sham to Glam'' with the help of her highly skilled team of style experts, makeup artists, hair stylists, April's professionalism is unparallel to anyone in the business. Her southern charm and hospitality will make you feel red carpet ready! Price upon Request per event and services.

Get Style By Celebrity Style, bridal, and makeup Artist, April burns.