Celebrity Bridal & Style Expert, SAG/AFTRA TV Host, and Fashion Designer April Burns.

TV Shows: The Brian Tracy TV Show, The Paul Ryan TV Show, The 10 news studio Show, The Jeffrey Henderson TV Show, The Nick Nanton TV Show, America's premier top experts TV Show, NBC, FOX CBS, ABC, She's a Semi-regular on leading top experts TV Show, and bloom real estate TV Show, She has most recently been heard on the airways as the beauty and wedding spokesperson for Mary Kay, Park lane Jewelry. April is seen as the cashmere shopping Bridal Expert in her how-to series on vimeo and as the Fashion and Style Expert sharing her latest tips on ''perfecting your post breakup or divorce or dating wardrobe and what not to wear on the first date.

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April Burns is a Los Angeles, and Florida Based, Established Celebrity Lifestyle, Bridal and Style Expert, TV and Radio Personality, Author, Fashion and Bridal Designer, Social Influencer and Business Woman. Her Southern Charm Personality, Wit and Passion on Camera Has led her to Multiple Guest Appearances on National TV Networks as talent, In addition to Working behind the Scenes With America's Premier Networks, Entertainment and Publications as a Style and Bridal Expert for a Couple of Years. When Working With Clients April goal is to Create their Unique Style, the Clothing that makes the most sense for their Unique Lifestyle and Program taste. April gained a strong roster in Hollywood California, and Florida early on in her Career. She has dressed Celebrities ranging from her first acting Coach April Hong, and her Father actor James Hong, from the Hit TV Show The 2 Broke Girls, and Charmed, Actress Aretha Grey from The Hit TV Show Betty Off her Rockers, Johnathan Silverman, actor Chriss Anglin, TV Producer Nick Green, American Idol contestants, Models with Jess talent & Modeling Agency, Mildred on shoot photography, and more. She has also worked with global brands, from Park lane Jewelry, Stella & Dot, QC Style Academy to executing the social, experiential and traditional campaigns seamlessly. Through Style assignments, she has emerged into a TV and Radio Personality for Multiple Networks and television shows such as the Brian Tracy Show, Parry Gals, The American Premier Experts TV Show, and landed a resident role as a Bridal and Lifestyle expert on the Paul Ryan TV Show,!! However, it was after one special episode on the Paul Ryan Show, that April's Own YouTube Channel was born, after finishing up a segment for the Paul Ryan Show, TV Producer and Coach her Mentor, Paul Ryan approached April to inform her that the segment was great and by far his best interview!!! It was that moment that changed for April, she got motivated to build a relationship with her own audience in an environment  where she could engage directly with them and create her own content--YouTube, and vimeo was perfect. Today, April's is clear: She stands in the gap between sophistication and retalability. April's passion for what she does is evident in every single path of her career.  She has a smile that can be recognized and seen from across any room and her quick-witted personality that is purely enjoyable with her southern charm to converse, she continues to inspire everyone around her, with a lot more in store to come.  Today, April's audience tune is for her Fun and humorous relatable content that continually express sophistication and a accessibility. Having worked behind the scenes on camera in production, with talent on such high-level campaigns, to contributing to on - camera and off camera Journalism and live event commentating. April is a coveted asset to her clients near and far as well as her brand partners. Given her creativity and experience and along with skill set, and talent, she happily apply it to every day style and design challenges is what truly sets April apart. Along with her deep attention to detail.

besides being a Celebrity Lifestyle, Bridal and Style Expert April is also a Fashion and Bridal Designer, and Success, Branding Coach, Wedding Coach/Guru. She knows the style business of being stylish and beautiful inside and out. As a style Coach April, turned her love of Fashion and shopping into an expansive few years of experience in the wedding and glamour industry as L.A-Based and Florida-based bridal & style expert, syndicated newswire columnist, contributing editor, Lecturer, on-air television and radio host, co-host, Fashion Designer, and Founder/editor in chief of tips.aprilburn.com April Burns knows what the modern-thinking woman wants-easy going bridal and fashion style that suits her individual daily needs, spiced right amount of style and wit. Anyone, everywhere specially her audience can effortlessly relate to the down-to earth southern charm way April parlays the latest Fashion, Beauty Home, and wedding tricks into realistic, fabulous looks. Her adeptness to scope out trends and convey style-from inexpensive to simply luxurious-Makes April an informative and  accessible source of wedding, home, and fashion guidance and as a lifestyle, bridal and style expert, April has her own show starring as herself in her own YouTube Channel as the wedding Coach and guru and Fashion spokesperson for her fashion boutiques and other companies advertising and marketing campaign. She has been heard on the air-ways as the beauty and business spokesperson-Jeffrey Henderson National Radio. She has appeared as a style and  bridal expert in partnership with Ice cream Magazine. April hosts the recently launched she love more style-talk radio with live uncensored take on style fashion, dating, home décor, beauty, and the scoop chat. She loves style. Sexy Bridal Chic. Spiritual & Style TV!! tips.aprilburn.com continues to be your wedding, bridal, fashion, lifestyle, style, and beauty guide. Renew your look with lot's of fashion tips, wedding hints, and shopping advice from founder and fashion designer, style expert, April Burns and her team of contributing experts who share their insider tips and tricks that are sure to help you makeover your look.  As a former skin care and nail specialist, and blog contributor with years of experience, April understands what it takes to make your style and wedding work for you. Get your edge on style and make the most of what you've Got!!! Visit www.tips.aprilburn.com So Chic, So Stylist, So You!! She Loves Couture Blog!!

As a quotable media lifestyle, Bridal and Style Expert, April's been interviewed on the women business journal, entrepreneur magazine, Lifestyle Magazine, USA Today, New York Post, Lakeland Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, Ice Cream Magazine, Banana Fusion Magazine,  Ebony Magazine, Health & Wellness Magazine, Working women Magazine, Christ rising Magazine, Teen on style Magazine, National Inquirer, Daily Mail & More. On camera, TV, and radio, April has been seen.


Television, Radio Show, and Video appearances Include: The Gap tooth diva radio show, The Celebrity Jeffrey Henderson radio show, WB Women's Radio, The Buzz on, Capital Business group Radio show, The April B Radio, Christian Radio, America's top experts Radio, 94.5 Radio, USA Radio Network, Blog station Radio, The breakfast Club Radio, Blog talk Radio, Style-talk Radio. and More..